Resistant to aging, weathering, fine dust emissions & UV rays.

Main characteristics:

Exter “Alu Design” is characterized by sash and frame of laminated wood with aluminum cladding. “Design” refers to the square-shaped profiles, both internal and external, suitable for contemporary environments. Aluminum cladding (in the two versions, welded or joined) with opened joint for ventilation in order to avoid condensation inside the system.

condensation inside the system. Double gasket on a clipped frame for thermal and acoustic insulation (of thermoplastic elastomer) resistant to aging, weathering, fine dust emissions, UV rays. Co-extruded internal gasket with a rigid layer, tear-proof cord and flexible gasket components in order to soften the impact of operations.


  • Sections

    Profile 81mm width (window and French door) Profile 109mm width (front door with lock, lift and slide and pivot widows)

  • Frame Section

    Profile 70 mm width (with join mill or smooth); aluminum cladding 86 mm width *aluminum cladding 53 mm width for arched shapes

  • Type of Opening

    (window & French door)

  • Anti-intrusion

    Opening mechanisms with multipoint hardware made of steel (with self-adjusting bolts)

  • Central Closing Section

    (double sash window & French door) With added mullion (symmetrical section)

  • Threshold

    Aluminum (silver, dark brown,white)

  • Hinges


  • Glass Spacer

    Aluminum ( optional colors)

  • Finish


  • Bottom Transom

    OF THE FRENCH DOOR SASH Sash profile with two transoms 81 mm high (137 mm high)