De.Carlo wood finishes

Pine Natural

Larch Natural

Oak Natural

Mahogany Pure White Painted

Pine Honey

Larch Honey

Oak Honey

Mahogany Chestnut

Pine Chestnut

Larch Chestnut

Oak Chestnut

Mahogany Brennero Walnut

Pine Teak

Larch Teak

Oak Teak

Mahogany Wengé

Pine Brennero Walnut

Larch Brennero Walnut

Oak Brenner Walnut

Pine Wengé

Larch Wenge

Oak Wenge

Oak Brushed Natural Stained

Oak Antiqued Natural Stained

Pine Antiqued Natural Stained

Larch Antiqued Natural Stained

Oak Brushed Moroccan Beige

Oak Antiqued Pure White Painted

Pine Antiqued Pure White

Larch Antiqued Pure White Painted

Oak Brushed Light Ivory Paint

Oak Antiqued Whitened

Pine Antiqued Whitened

Larch Antiqued Whitened

Oak Brushed Whitened

Oak Antiqued Teak Stained

Pine Antiqued Teak Stained

Larch Antiqued Teak Stained

Oak Brushed Teak Stained

Oak Brennero Walnut

Pine Antiqued Wenge Stained

Larch Antiqued Wenge Stained

Oak Brushed Wenge Stained

Oak Antiqued Wenge Stained

Pine Antiqued Silver Grey Painted

Larch Antiqued Silver Grey

DE.CARLO is available in Engineered Pine, Mahogony, Larch,Douglas and Oak Wood.
Alu Wood is only available in Engineered Pine Wood.



Also available in all RAL colors. All finishes are available in domestic and international quality.