Luxe+ aluminium systems

Luxe + alu system < EKU PERFECTION>

Luxe + alu system < EKU PERFECTION> allows creating large windows and doors with a total vision toward the external environment.

Perfektion Slide is a high-performance sliding door for mounting in a perimeter position in the building, but thanks to the technical characteristics, it perfectly
adapted to indoor installation, as separation of areas of the environment.

perfektion slide

The colour range of the metal parts are vast, as well as the finishes, among which the steel effect stands out, able to satisfy every architectural and construction requirement.

In particular, Perfektion Slide stands out for the excellence of the profiles, just as they are structured and combined. The result is extremely high performance in terms of strength and thermal break; this allows to have very thin frames and the structural one, to be embedded into the floor and walls, both the external one, which forms the frame of the doors. The glass surfaces are thus extremely large.



The thermographic analysis of the window frame installed demonstrates the yield in terms of thermal insulation. The values far exceed those established by law, relating to all climatic zones in our country. But not only: a dry house is guaranteed, without drafts and infiltrations, with a high level of acoustic comfort.




The Perfektion slide doors can be controlled with an electric motor and controlled with the simple pressure of a button or remote control system.

A moment before the engine drive, an electromagnet portrays the safety piston that prevents the door from being moved from the outside, From the beginning of a malicious. When the door closes the block is re-engaged.

free angle

Even in the angled configuration, at the crossover point, where the doors are being beat, there is no column.

When the doors open, nothing remains that prevents the passage and sight.
This is allowed by the robustness of the profiles and the roller under the doors.

Reliability Test

ENEKU windows undergo a variety of other tests which increase the overall Reliability and hence the value of the window. Some of
these tests include:
• Opening‐closing durability tests in accordance to EN 1191:2012
• Safety test in accordance to EN 14351‐1
• Strength tests in accordance to BS EN 12217:2015
• Sound insulation tests in accordance to BS EN 12758 & BS EN ISO 140/717
• Thermal insulation tests in accordance to ISO 12567
• Light exposure tests (UV resistance performance) in accordance to BS EN 10077 Part 1 & BS EN 10077 Part 2
• Environmental tests in accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001
• Surface treatment tests in accordance to EN 13713: 1999 and EN 13697: 1999
• Burglar Resistance in accordance to ENV 1627 1630
• Child Safety (Fall‐Out Protection) in accordance to EN 14351‐1
• Fire Test in accordance to ISO 17025
• Static water penetration test in accordance to BS EN 1027 & BS EN 12208
• Dynamic water penetration or Cyclic water penetration test in
accordance to BS EN 1027 & BS EN 12208

Key features