Luxe aluminium systems


LUXE ALU SYSTEMS are highly non insulated aluminum system, which meets the highest requirements with regard to, stability and safety.

Luxe alu systems are available with various opening possibilities. The low threshold option offers a solution to improve the buildings accessibility.

large and stable sliding windows and doors

This robust system allows the construction of large and stable sliding windows and doors with a vent weight up to 80-200 kg. It also offers an aesthetical slimline sliding middle section upto 25 mm view line.

Additionally, the sliding systems can comply with burglar resistance class 2, offering a safe and secure solution.



Lux alu system reaches heights up to 10 ft without giving grand opening solutions for your home. For more information speak to our customer representative.

Multipoint Lock System

Champion Plus is available with an entry of 7.5 or 15 mm, to choose
according to the geometry of the profile used, and in different sizes (length) to make doors or windows of different sizes. It is available in a
lockable version (Art. 02728000), ideal for balconies that overlook gardens or patios.


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