We take the utmost care of the different stages of this service, from the preparation of the product to the handling and transport up to the building site.


The product warranty goes beyond the standard two-year warranty required by law because De Carlo’s wood and aluminum windows offer considerable benefits in terms of reliability and durability. The warranty validation must be carried out simply by recording the customer’s name and the order code directly on the website www.decarlo. it within 60 days from delivery (even with the Dealer or the Agent’s help).

De Carlo, on delivery, shall give the guide for a proper use and care of windows, containing lots of practical advices. De Carlo’s Guide for Windows and the text of the guarantee are available in “file” format on www.decarlo.it

The new premium packing system for the windows provides the covering of the whole product, taking particular care of the corners where a shaped cardboard shell and a esistant shrinkable film provide a high protection against the possible impacts during the management of the windows in the building site.

Besides, the LUXE labelling of each piece gives all the information about the product and its islocation in the installation department.

A great number of vehicles that serve all the national territory and that are exclusively edicated to customers, assures maximum efficiency, rapidity and care during all the stages of products transport.

Product care guide” with the instructions about how to use and take care of the windows will be delivered together with the windows and a personal code of identification to facilitate any request for assistance after sale.

Luxe Skilled installations and specialized chnicians assure the installers’ training according to the eculiarity of the sealing joint between the window and the wall, so as to assure air and water ightness between frame and counterframe, and to avoid the noise diffusion.

The packed product is then transported through mediums of air or sea depending upon the customer preference. After the custom clearance at port, we deliver the products directly on to site or in the factory where it is carefully re-calculated and quality check is carried out before dispatching for installation.


Our UPVC is warrantied against decolorization of the profile and welded corner joints for a period of 10 years since installation for all finishes.


Warranty on anodizing and powder coating for a period of 5 years since installation for all finishes.


The warranty for all hardware varies from 1 to 10 years depending on the make against any malfunctioning or manufacturing defects.